The disparities we face in our neighborhoods in Texas’ 30th Congressional District are intentional. They are from decades of non-empathetic policies that have widened the gap of income inequality, unhealthy communities and a more punitive inhumane legal system. When elected to Congress, Shenita will fight against harmful policies that want to take us back in time. She will work to eliminate racial disparities and reverse intergenerational harm done to our families.

Justice & Public Safety For All

America has a moral obligation to keep its foundational promise of guaranteed justice for all and to fix the generational harm and trauma against families, and whole communities; especially the Black community and make the legal system smaller, safer, less punitive and more humane. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight to:

  • Legalize marijuana on all levels.
  • Ensure law enforcement agencies are held accountable.
  • Champion comprehensive police reform and use of force standards which includes banning choke holds, banning federal gun no knock warrants, and mandatory body cams be worn at all times by officers on duty.
  • Fund community policing programs.
  • Fix discriminatory cash bail practices.
  • Abolish the death penalty.
  • End for-profit prisons and immigration detention centers.
  • Provide tax incentives to local governments and states that commit to policies such as three-strikes and mandatory minimum sentencing provisions to reduce the prison and jail population.

COVID Recovery for All

Texas’ 30th Congressional District deserve to be prioritized during pandemic as this country responds to its affects. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight for:

  • Ensure all communities have access to the COVID-19 vaccine as a choice.
  • Provide a recurring basic monthly income (UBI) for families and forgivable small business low-interest loans and grants throughout the pandemic.
  • Provide rental, utilities and food assistance during the pandemic.
  • Facilitate inclusive recovery after the pandemic.

Healthcare as a Human Right

We live in a nation without universal healthcare insurance, which has deadly consequences like inequalities in access to healthcare, high mortality rates, poor quality care, financial burdens on those uninsured and lost wages. We can no longer allow people to choose between receiving lifesaving medical care, or putting food on the table simply because our healthcare system is too expensive. Everyone should have access to personal, affordable and high-quality health care. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight for:

  • Medicare for ALL
  • Providing a more creative way to better health that includes no premiums, no co-pays, deductibles, and discounts given to creatives and contract/gig workers.
  • Expanding Medicaid/Medicare at the state level.
  • Stop pharmaceutical and insurance companies from price gouging patients.
  • Put money into transportation so that low income communities have access to quality health care.

Quality Education for ALL:

Federal funding for education is under attack from budget cuts that are impacting student learning, achievement, and equity. We must fight to end the widening gap of education inequality amongst our low-income districts in comparison to their higher-income counterparts. COVID-19 has introduced further funding cuts which affect pre-K through 12th-grade revenue and equates to less learning time and the elimination of teacher positions. We must ensure access to high-quality education to improve the lives of all students. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight to:

  • Raise the amount of funding for low-income districts at the federal level.
  • Ensure the rights of teachers and their unions to collectively bargain for better wages, benefits and working conditions.
  • Make community college free and cancel student loan debt.
  • Fully fund HBCU’s and minority-serving institutions (Future Act).
  • End mandate for annual standardized testing in public schools.

Housing as a Human Right

Government on all levels must take responsibility for housing as a human right. This is a need that touches every single person and is non-negotiable. Homelessness has reached epidemic proportions and has become cemented into the fiber of our society. We must create tangible exits from homelessness and decriminalize the existence of poor and unhoused people. In the interest of our future, we must demand that power and resources be returned to our communities and affordable housing be obtained as a basic human right. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight to:

  • Fix the root causes of homelessness and poverty
  • Restore and protect federal funding for affordable housing
  • Decriminalize homelessness and demand protection of civil and human rights
  • Minimize gentrification and protect communities
  • Combat predatory zoning and redistricting discrimination.

Combating Gentrification

Gentrification has and continues to be, the systematic displacement of black and brown residents from their homes through the practice of buying properties at a low cost, building highways through communities, raising property values, which ultimately prices out low income residents. We must revitalize existing local businesses, rehab dilapidated buildings and establishing affordable housing programs to help stabilize prices for existing local community members. Combatting gentrification takes political will and partnerships throughout the community, so that residents who have worked to improve their lives and neighborhoods get to stay there. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight to:

  • Ensure new development and investments doesn’t displace existing community members and businesses.
  • Protect elderly and long-term residents from property tax increases.
  • Ensure the community controls the plan.
  • Preserve local authentic culture from being destroyed.
  • Enforce building codes and provide easy ways for renters to report bad landlords.
  • Establish payment plans with homeowners who have fallen behind on their property taxes.   

Environmental Justice for ALL:

Environmental injustice caused by historic redlining and racist rezoning practices has put millions of Americans in close proximity to toxic industrial centers. Places like Joppee, Floral Farms, and West Dallas are exposed to higher levels of particulate pollutants and illegal dumping. Every American deserves environmental protection in their communities from public dangers. We must mitigate the constant assault from neighboring hazardous waste landfills, waste transfer stations, garbage dumps, and radioactive waste storage areas on poor communities. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight to:

  • Provide everyone with clean air, clean water, and clean food.
  • Identify and address disproportionately high adverse health and environmental effects of pollution-producing facilities in poor communities.
  • Ensure accountability of corporate decision-makers, regulatory agencies, and local planning and zoning boards of unwanted toxin-producing facilities.
  • Continuously preserve and fund national, state, and local parks
  • Increase access to parks within walking distance especially in low-income communities

Economic Justice for ALL

Washington we’re coming to get our check! All people have a right to economic success and financial opportunities. We must fight for just wages and benefits, decent working conditions, right to organize and join unions or other associations to improve the quality of life. We have a moral obligation to assure access to opportunity, prosperity, basic human needs and to pursue justice in economics. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight to:

  • Push the passing of H.R. 40 for reparations owed to the descendants of slavery.
  • Pursuing policies that allow everyone to reach their full potential and contribute to our society. (UBI, income equality by gender and race, equal opportunity for employment & credit…..)
  • Ensure that all communities have access to credit and banking services.
  • Fund local grassroots organizations provide people a basic standard of living and secure a basic economic foundation for us all.
  • Strengthen Unions.
  • Increase protections and employment for our disabled and special needs community.

Restructuring Mobility

Land use, transportation planning, and other policies are used throughout the U.S. to marginalize and oppress poor communities. Low-income working families rely on public transportation to get to work and other local activities like traveling to childcare providers, health care facilities, social events and job training sites. Unfortunately, structural racism remains visible in the physical infrastructure across the country. Highways continue to be built next to communities they have all but destroyed. We must also address predatory zoning laws that dictate what and where something can be built within communities. With the collective support of District 30, Shenita will fight to:

  • Reverse decade-long racist transportation policies that have divided and stagnated black and brown communities.
  • Provide adequate and affordable mobility options and placemaking efforts in low-income areas and suburb neighborhoods, in conjunction with innovate technology.
  • Eliminate exclusionary zoning and exclusive suburb practices.
  • Increase funding for public transportation projects.
  • Increase shifts toward community engagement and public consultation in calls to climate action.